History of Creation

The contemporary History of Creation - reaching out for the deep culture of society - is a charming and interesting take on the story of “Creation", a delightfully, sinfully, innocent insight about how we as humans came to be. It is a beautifully drawn print with a devilish twist when it comes to money:

70 x 100 cm, printed on hemp paper, numbered, dated, priced and signed

Buy One, Get Three
  1. A charming and interesting take on the story of “Creation” printed on hemp paper, numbered and signed by KMENTEMT,
  2. the day of its creation
    (due to our artistic concept, we only create one print a day, but one each day = sustainable edition)
  3. and its unique price too.
In other words, if you buy our art print you buy a kind of art share, and you are not purchasing it AT a price, but you are purchasing A UNIQUE price. The price is yours, literally!

You neither paid too much nor too less for your piece of money art. You exactly got the value you paid for!

For example
Since today is the 16.09.2019, today"s art print has the number: 93.9853 and the value of 9853. Therefore by purchasing the piece, you also purchase its price, which is 893,10 €.

Furthermore - beside the date - this price will belong to you only and no one else, because tomorrow´s art print will have the authentic number 93.9854. Its value will be 9854 - increased by ONE - and therefore its price will be 893,20 € - raised by 10 Cent, and so on and on ....

Find the art print, which fits to you perfectly
  • 64,80 € is the price of cheapest print still available and 
  • some other art prints - between 93.891 and 93.9853 - are still avaliable
  • 893,10  € is the price of the most expensive one, today’s one
Find out either by price or date or number
if your desired piece of money art is still avaliable, make your non-binding query !
With one heart beat a day, watch our visualization.

Money Art (Definition): A genre, where the art work abdicates itself from the traditional laws of the art market, calls them into question, and ultimately uses the elements and institutions/rules/usances of the (art) market as part of its artistic creation process.

Art Print
Authentic number:
Authentic number: 93.9853Authentic number: 93.9853Authentic number: 93.9853Authentic number: 93.9853Authentic number: 93.9853Authentic number: 93.9853Authentic number: 93.9853
... where the price and pricing becomes part of the art experience!