History of Creation

The contemporary History of Creation, is a charming and interesting take on the story of “Creation", a delightfully, sinfully, innocent insight about how we as humans came to be. It is a beautifully drawn print with a devilish twist when it comes to money:

70 x 100 cm, printed on hemp paper, numbered, dated  and signed

The price is yours!

In our art work we entangled a print with time and value. With this grip of art we brought about a paradigm shift from the price as an element outside, the external act of creating the art to something inherent, part of the process of the work of art itself. The price, the pricing and time became part of the art work, turned into an important and essential experience of the art work, is part of the aesthetic experience.

Therefore, if you buy ONE art print from us, you will get THREE items:
  1. A charming and interesting take on the story of “Creation” printed on hemp paper, numbered and signed by the artists,
  2. the day of its creation (due to the imposed artistic rule, we can only create one print per day)
  3. and its unique price too.
In other words, if you buy our art print, you are not purchasing it FOR a certain price, but you are purchasing A UNIQUE price. The price is yours, literally!

For example
Since today is the 12.04.2021, today"s art print has the number: 93.10428 and the value of 10428. Therefore by purchasing the piece, you also purchase its price, which is 950,60 €.

Furthermore - beside the date - this price will belong to you only and no one else, because tomorrow´s art print will have the authentic number 93.10429. Its value will be 10429 - increased by ONE - and therefore its price will be 950,70 € - raised by 10 Cent, and so on and on .... 

Should you see your HoC print as an investment and wish to sell it again, the respective daily price 950,60 € is a kind of art tradable index.

Find the art print, which fits to you perfectly
  • 64,80 € is the price of cheapest print still available and 
  • some other art prints - between 93.891 and 93.10428 - are still avaliable
  • 950,60  € is the price of the most expensive one, today’s one
Find out either by price or date or number
if your desired piece of money art is still avaliable, make your non-binding query !

Our goal for 2021

With more and more art prints and sculptures created, a new artistic-economic space unfolded. We call it the Universe of Money Art, where each print and sculpture finds its place,

Our goal is establishing long-term track records of our art as MR (Mixed Reality). The artistic measurement here will be to observe whether and to what extent the respective "Todays Price" becomes a kind of art tradable index for the deals taking place on our MR-plattform. 
A universe of its own - with one heart beat per day.

A first idea as a visualization.

The Hoc-Movie

The Histrory of Creation narrated by Hubert Tubbs

Money Art (Definition): A genre, where the art work abdicates itself from the traditional laws of the art market, calls them into question, and ultimately uses the elements and institutions/rules/usances of the (art) market as part of its artistic creation process.

Sustainable Edition

We call it a sustainable edition, because every new created art print becomes part of the edition: Only one new art print will be created per day ... (limited), but every day a new art print ... (unlimited).

An edition, with built-in growth sustainability, not just in numbers but in monetary growth, Consistent, Sustainable, Measurable, Quantifiable Growth!

Art Print
Authentic number:
Authentic number: 93.10428Authentic number: 93.10428Authentic number: 93.10428Authentic number: 93.10428Authentic number: 93.10428Authentic number: 93.10428Authentic number: 93.10428Authentic number: 93.10428
... where price, pricing and time become part of the art experience!