With more and more art prints created - until today we reach 10232 prints-, by assembling them, we create sculptures, and owing to the value - beside time - as an integrative dimension, we call them "Economic Sculptures".

  • Hemp paper and material - robust
  • Value and time - sustainable linear growth
  • Prime number  -  positive non-linear growth
Rule: Multiplication
  • Number of HoCs x Price* x ( 2, 3, 5, 7,11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, ...**)
* Each sculpture is entangled with the current HoC-price

Money Art as a Commodity
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1. Money Art as a Commodity

Often art collectors manage their art collections in much the same way investors manage their portfolios. To make it easier for them, we created this sculpture called Commodity. Not only it looks like one but also it can be treated like any other commodity purchased for speculative purposes, whereby the deal is about value and time..

Every commodity is made up of between 28 and 31 stapled art prints (representing a month), which are fixed by two steel bands onto a transportable euro-palette.

Limited Edition: 12 pieces

Medium Economic Sculpture Nr. 3/12
a. HoC Nr.: 93.1255 => 93.1285
b. Date: March 1996
c. Price: 31 HoCs x 931,00 € x 19
Not avaliable anymore:
  • Medium Economic Sculpture Nr. 1/12
    January 1996
  • Medium Economic Sculpture Nr. 2/12
    Februar 1995
  • Medium Economic Sculpture Nr. 6/12

365 pieces of real estate
365 pieces of real estate    
2. Money Art as a Hedge Fund

This sculpture is reflecting the current economic situation and is focusing on funds which extend the principles of finance capitalism to art, which regard and treat art as a financial asset. In reference to this we called it Hedge Fund, whereby the deal is about value, time and people

Short description: This outdoor installation consist of all art prints of the year 1994 (365 pieces of money art), whereby we cut each art print into two pieces - like detaching a coupon:
  • The bigger parts (the drawing) are assembled on roofed wooden boards and are fixed to the ground - like houses, like a village. 
  • The other parts (the small print at the bottom [number, date, price]) are collected and are either a transferable proof of ownership or - if you bundled them - they can be treated as shares or issued mortgage bonds.
For details, please open picture gallery at your left.

Edition: One of a kind

Extra Large Economic Sculpture (Outdoor)
a. HoC Nr.: 93.465 => 93.829
b. Date: 01.01. 1994 => 31.12.1994
b. Price: 365 HoCs x 931,00 € x 23


Imprisoned Art
Imprisoned Art    
3. Money Art as Sharing

This sculpture brings together two oppositional developments in the art market.

One is that more and more art works are not public, they are not even private, they are imprisoned in climate-controlled warehouse with high-tech security. The owners of this locked-away art works are not interested in art at all, they don’t even want to see it. The only purpose is to hold safe the art while waiting for its price to rise.

The other development is the effort to install a new art market, to find a workable and market-compliant solution, which has the power to improve the lives of everyone involved with Art, from Artists and their buyers, to dealers and gallerists - like the forward-looking 7/11 Project by Paul Sewter.

This art work is meant for a collective and therefore called Shared Sculpture, whereby the deal is about sharing value and time.

This travelling sculpture consists of rules, mutual agreements and 100 art prints, whereby we cut each art print into two pieces: The drawing and the small print, For details like rules, agreements and imprisoned art, please open picture gallery at your left.
Limited Edition: 10 pieces

Shared Sculpture Nr. 1
Available off 02.06.2015
a. HoC Nr.: 93.8186=> Nr. 93.8286  (100 prints)
b. Date:  21.02.2015 =>   01.06.2015 (100 days)
c. Price: 100 HoCs x 726,00 € x 13

Shared Sculpture Nr. 2
will be from the:  09.09.2015 to the   21.12.2015

4. Money Art as a Service

There are other money artist, who edit (cut, fold, paint, burn, .. and even eat) money, mostly banknotes, to emphasize the fetish character of money. In this sculpture, an Origami, the focus is less on value but more on time.

The sculpture Folded Time is created In cooperation with an origami artist, whereby the deal is about time and value.
Unlimted Edition:  Ask for our service, send us your HoC art print and we will fold and stamp it for the price below.

Folded Time Nr. x
a. HoC: 1 x Art Print
b..Date: The date of your art print
c. Price: 1 HoC x 723,20 € x 3
d. Stamp: The date of the service and signature of the origami artist

Money Art as an Event

Nowadays art seems nothing without an event, sometimes the event becomes more important then the art work itself. Following sculptures are ment for events like art faires and shows, course and weekends and for cooperation with other artists, fashion designers, ... , art teacher, art consultant, ... and so on. We will start in 2016. If you are interessted, please send us an email.


Money Art as a Fashion (6/104)
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5. Money Art as a Fashion

Often art is seen as a fashion, with one artist or style at the top of the heap, and then someone else or another style is hot and its prices are sky rocketing. We thought calling our sculpture Fashion would be a quite cool and hip idea, whereby the deal is about value and fashion.

If you want to create a fashion week in cooperation with us, dont hesitate to contact us.

Every Fashion sculpture consists of 7 styled art prints, stamped on the back (Monday ⇒ Sunday).

Limited Edition: 104 pieces (2 years)

Fashion Nr. 6/104
Mobile spiral stand to hang:
a. HoC Nr.: 93.2329 => Nr: 93.2335
b.. Date: Mon 08.02 => Sun 14.02.1999
c. Price: 7 HoCs x 931,00 € x 7

Saturday - Sunday
Saturday - Sunday    

 6. Money Art as a Mobile

Mobile Sculptures are for  "Art Weekends",  "Gallery Weekends", "Art in 2 Days - Seminars", "Art Lectures" or other educational weekends of that kind, wherby the deal is about value and the experience of art.

Unlimted Edition: Every avaliable weekend

Mobile Sculpture Nr. x
a. HoC: 2 x Art Prints
b..Date: Saturday + Sunday (Weekend)
c. Price: 2 HoCs x 931,00 € x 5


Money Art as an Auction

Auctions houses develope a life of thier own when it comes to pricing and of exclusivity when it comes to the art works, artists and clients - interestingly the prices are always new records.

We  organize auctions, whereby the deal is about Time and the Value of Art Work and the Value of Art Labour.


7. Money Art as Art Work

Each Rare Relief combines the art print created on the 29th of February, timber and the REE (Rare Earth Elements), whereby the deal is about the Value of an Art Work.

Limited Edition: 17 pieces

Rare Economic Relief Nr. 6/17
a. HoC-Nr.: 93.8559 + Neodymium
b..Date: 29. February 2016 - Auction
c. Minimum Price: 1 x 763,70 € x 29 = 22.147,30 €

Not avaliable anymore:
  • Rare Economic Relief Nr. 1/17
    1996 - Hoc-Nr.: 93.1254 + Scandium
  • Rare Economic Relief Nr. 2/17
    2000 - Hoc-Nr.: 93.2715 + Yttrium
  • Rare Economic Relief Nr. 3/17
    2004 - Hoc-Nr.: 93.4176 + Lanthanum
  • Rare Economic Relief Nr. 4/17
    2008 - Hoc-Nr.: 93.5637 + Cerium
  • Rare Economic Relief Nr. 5/17
    20012 - Hoc-Nr.: 93.7098 + Praseodymium
The auction is always on the 29th of February. The next auction for Nr. 6/17 will be on the 29. Februar 2016.

8. Money Art as  Art Labour

There are a few artists, stars of the art market, who make a lot of money, but at the same time the big majority of artists have a hard time earning their living.

When we created this kind of living sculpture, we were temted to ask for a minimum wage (Labour week = 5x HoCs x current HoC-price), but then we would have missed the point. Therefore the price for a labour week, for our manpower, will be found strictly on the market by an auction. Therefore no minimum price or limit, whereby the deal is about the Value of our Art Labour.
  • Each Labour Time Sculpture consists of 5 HoCs, representing a labour week, and an one-day-contract of employment on each back, signed by Kmentemt.
  • The winner of the auction becomes the owner of 5 labour days and of the 5 art prints too. Our question to the winner will be then: "When and how can we serve you?"
  • In a mutual agreement we will find the week in 2016 or 2017 and a job description (performance, event, workshop, fair, cooperation, discussion, ..., holidays together) and - as it is -, the outcome will belong to the employer.
Limited Edition: 1 week per leap year

Labour Time Sculpture Nr.: x
a. HoC: 5x HoC prints, each with an one-day-contract of employment
b. Date: 5 comming days, find in a mutual agreement
c. Price: Auction

The auction is always on the last day of February,. The next auction will be on the 29. Februar 2016.

Economic Sculptures
Authentic number:
Authentic number: 93.10232Authentic number: 93.10232Authentic number: 93.10232Authentic number: 93.10232Authentic number: 93.10232Authentic number: 93.10232Authentic number: 93.10232Authentic number: 93.10232
... where the price and pricing becomes part of the art experience!